Weight Loss

Exercise for weight loss doesn’t have to be hard, just consistent. It is important to get some form of exercise most days of the week and to combine this with a healthy balanced diet.

The most effective way to lose weight is to combine cardiovascular exercise (exercise that increases your heart rate) and resistance exercises to increase your metabolic rate. This will help you to burn calories even when you’re not working out (up to 7 hours after your workout!)

who is it suitable for?

Do you wish to incorporate exercise into your week to aid your weight loss target? Maybe you have a short term goal for example a wedding or a holiday and want to feel good about yourself?

Don’t be concerned if you are new to exercise, we are a quiet and friendly gym. We will develop a suitable programme and give you the confidence to exercise effectively for you to meet your weight loss goals.

what will I expect to do?

In the gym your programme will be based around increasing your energy expenditure (burning calories). We also have different types of equipment, for example the Power Plate and Gravity Training System, that you may not find in other gyms, these will provide that extra bit of motivation you are looking for.

We will make sure that we develop a programme that is suitable to your level of fitness and we will periodically review your programme as you get fitter and more confident to ensure it stays varied and enjoyable for you.

nutritional support

We know that research studies continue to conclude that 70-80% of weight loss results come down to a person’s eating habits.

You may wish to combine your exercise programme with our nutrition ‘Give Us 12 Weeks’ programme. This provides 3 months of advice and support from our qualified nutritionist.

For more information on this programme please click here – Perfect Fit Nutrition Programme