Sport Specific

Many people play sport for fitness, however increasing your sports specific fitness would allow you to enjoy the game more and bring you more success!

who is it suitable for?

Do you have a specific sporting goal in mind? It may be that you wish to improve on your endurance, strength, power and co-ordination to improve your golf or tennis game or perhaps your ability as a player in your rugby or football team.

Other adventurous sports such as Climbing, Surfing and Kayaking can be catered to as-well or perhaps you want to increase your fitness so that you can enjoy that once in a lifetime skiing or scuba-diving holiday!

It could be you have a particular event to train for such as a marathon, triathlon, Tough Mudder or the Race for Life?

what will i expect to do?

The Sports Specific Programme follows the recognised Principles of Training to create a program that will help you reach your performance goals. We will make use of advanced training methods such as interval training, kettlebells, plyometrics, and advanced resistance methods. We also have other specialist fitness equipment that you may not see in other gyms that will enhance your training experience.

For example if you wished to improve your golf game the main areas to work on would be core strength, flexibility and upper body power. For tennis, speed, agility, power, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness would be the key areas. To improve your climbing, upper body endurance and power with a strong core and excellent grip strength.

A key element of this programme is tailoring it to the competitive season for example your workout may change from pre season to competition to post season phases.

This programme is extremely individualised and we will work together to devise a programme that will work for you.

Change 4 Life

“Since training with Perfect Fit my fitness has improved significantly which has been reflected in my hockey ability and enjoyment of the game this season.”