Give Us 12 Weeks

The Whole Body Approach: We all want to look and feel our best; it’s only natural. This unique 3 month programme brings together our experienced nutritionist and trainers and takes a ‘whole body’ approach to give you a better shape in just 12 weeks.

Managing Weight Loss with Diet

Embarking on fad diets, missing meals and limiting your food choices can result in your body suffering from a lack of important nutrients and healthy fats. Fad diets are often extreme and difficult to maintain and most people quickly relapse into a pattern of unhealthy eating.

The key to healthy sustainable weight loss is to make beneficial but realistic diet and lifestyle changes that replace bad eating patterns. By incorporating healthy eating habits into your daily routine you can begin to change the way in which your body holds on to excess fat.

Learning to make healthy choices gives you the tools you need to lose weight and feel amazing.

During the 12 week challenge you will learn about:

  • Different types of fat and how choosing healthy fats can actually increase weight loss
  • How sugar and refined carbohydrates cause weight gain and how to balance your blood sugar levels
  • How stress hormones cause our bodies to hold onto fat and how to manage this physiological response

Sarah Cox (Nutritionist)

A healthy balanced diet combined with an exercise programme that suits your lifestyle is a powerful tool on the journey to achieving your weight loss goal! I will do all it takes to help you achieve the results you desire. A combination of resistance training and cardiovascular training is key. All I ask is that you commit at least 2 sessions a week in the gym and let me worry about the rest.

James Amos (Personal Trainer)

Who is it suitable for:

This programme is not just beneficial for weight loss targets it can also be designed for the following issues:

  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Sports Performance

What will I expect to do?

  • Initial consultation and induction with one of our personal trainers
  • Complete 7 day food diary, questionnaire and measurements
  • Initial 1 to 1 meeting with our nutritional therapist to discuss an individualised plan
  • At least 2 gym sessions a week
  • Continued online support
  • Around week 6 a meeting with our Nutritional Therapist to discuss progress
  • Week 12 a final meeting with our Nutritional Therapist to make an ongoing lifestyle plan

This programme is available to non-members cost:

Standard: £299   or   2 payments of £150

+ £90 If you would like to add three 1:1 sessions to give you that extra boost (includes 15% discount on 1:1 Personal Training) = £390 total

I first went to see Sarah after feeling sluggish, run down, tired and constantly bloated, and as I sat in the chair I was hoping there would be some miracle pill to make me shift 10 pounds and to stop feeling so rubbish. A miracle pill there was not, but after an hour with Sarah, it opened my eyes to the world of nutrition and the benefits of eating well and taking the right supplements for your body and the positive effects that this can have. Six months later I haven’t looked back, yes I still have the occasional bloating but I’m now really aware of what food and drinks I am putting into my body. I have so much more energy and loving my new healthy lifestyle. Sarah is so knowledgeable and makes you feel completely at ease when discussing personal issues, I can’t thank her enough for putting me on the right path.