GTS Gravity Training

The Gravity Training System (GTS) is an alternative to traditional cardio and resistance exercise programmes.

It uses adjustable, incline resistance training on a freely-moving glide board. You work out using your body weight against the pull of gravity to efficiently work the entire body. The exercises work and strengthen upper and lower body muscles and core stabilizers for a total body workout. It is effective for all ages, experiences, and fitness levels and after an induction with one of our instructors you can incorporate the GTS into your programme to add some variety!

Gravity training can also be used for sports specific training. Skiing, Tennis, Golf, Swimming to name but a few, all tailored to individual requirements.


Change 4 Life

“Two years and still thoroughly enjoying my sessions!! A great gym, the atmosphere is so friendly, its great therapy for mind and body, especially after a hard day’s work.
I highly recommend the GTS machine, I love the way you just flow from one exercise to the next, keeping your heart working as well as your muscles. In just a few months the improvement in my posture and upper body strength is amazing. ”