Active Living

this programme is designed for those who wish to incorporate moderate exercise into their day to day life

Many people do not like the physical effort involved in fitness training – the sweat, the need to shower and dry hair, getting back to the office after a lunchtime workout looking like a beetroot.

For these people there is excellent news, namely, the health benefits of physical activity/exercise are available at a level of effort far below the level usually associated with fitness training or playing sport. For the very unfit this is good news- the level of aerobic exercise needed to achieve health benefits is that of brisk walking. It should be remembered that this is all that is necessary for health gains-the only need to stress the body is if the aim is to get fitter.

This programme is designed for those who wish to incorporate moderate exercise/ activity into their life, in a friendly and sociable environment. It is based around moderate activity and resistance work. Your activity levels will be closely monitored throughout a week and you will be provided with the motivation and ideas to increase your level of activity, with the aim that it becomes habitual over the long term.

who is this programme suitable for?

  • The older generation
  • Low level of fitness/new to exercise
  • Extremely Overweight
  • Coming back from illness

what will I be expected to do?

This programme is based around at least 1 session per week in the studio where you will be introduced to moderate level aerobic activity and resistance training. An integral part of the programme is the use of a pedometer to encourage you to introduce at least 30 minutes of activity into your day.

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Change 4 Life

“At 83 I may have passed my prime, but regular exercise is important at every age. For the not-so-young, there could be no better place to keep fit, Perfect Fit organises and supervises special programmes tailored to all your individual needs. Don’t just sit there talking about it, give them a ring and fix an appointment.”