Group Training

Want to train with your friends but not in a full class?

Why not try small group training, where you will get sessions designed specifically for your group needs/goals? If personal training isn’t really your thing, but you find group classes a bit too generic then small group training is for you! These sessions are more intimate and tailored than a group class, and more fun and cost effective than 1:1 personal training. Small group training is ideal to kick start a training programme or add some variation into your existing programme!


1:2 = £40 (£20/person)

1:3 = £54 (£18/person)

1:4 = £64 (£16/person)

*For groups of 5 or more please speak to James, either by e-mailing, or drop in and see us!

To book a group session, please get in touch with us using the Contact Us page on the top right, or drop in and see us!