A few comments from our members at Perfect Fit…

“I’m so grateful for all your support in 2016. And want to thank you for the time that you spent working on specific exercise regimes for me pre my hip replacement and also for the rehabilitation help post op. If anyone at the gym has an operation like this pending, or knows of someone who has a joint replacement coming up. I would strongly recommend that they talk to James and be guided by his knowledge. I’m back working and almost 100%!”
Best wishes,
David A

“Working with James on my fitness has been great. He’s has been encouraging and supportive throughout. Our sessions are hard work but always fun. When I couldn’t do something instead of giving up, it is broken down to help me manage it, which means without realising it, I achieve what I believed before to be impossible. No shouting, no humiliation just pure encouragement and belief!!! James ensures that he fits my training in around my other commitments. The training it varied and interesting whilst focusing on my goals.”
Lucie S

“After years of being inactive and becoming a bit of a couch potato, I took the leap into the deep end and joined up with Perfect Fit Gym best decision I could have made, after only 4 weeks I am already starting to feel the benefits thanks to James and the rest of the staff, there encouragement kept me going to start with but now I can’t wait to get in there and train whenever possible, the personal attention you get here is second to none as if you had your own personal trainer without having one. The only unfortunate thing is the opening hours, due to my unsociable commute to work I find it quite difficult sometime to get back in time for a decent workout or at all, apart from that great little gym.”
Steve H