About James

Keeping fit is very important to me and has been an integral part of my life from a young age. I also have a strong interest in injury rehabilitation and muscular imbalances, as I have spent time learning to deal with several injuries of my own. Including going through pre and post operation rehabilitation. Experiencing these setbacks has encouraged me to help others gain and in some cases re-gain their desired fitness levels.

Our perception on health, fitness and general well-being is ever developing. It is becoming more important in our busy society to find time for ones self. The benefits of exercise are known now more than ever and despite many people working hard with busy jobs and families, it is becoming more accepted to book an hour off to go to the gym. The knowledge that this exercise, if done correctly, will help to keep you focused, less stressed and happier whilst also preventing long term illness, gives you a valid reason to take that time. I will strive to put in place the foundations and help guide those who wish to make the step forwards.

I am professional, empathetic, thorough and hardworking. I run Perfect Fit Training using many of the attributes I learnt from my time spent in the Royal Marines.

I am a keen outdoors person and a qualified instructor in climbing and kayaking. I also very much enjoy surfing and motorcycling and I have rowed competitively for a number of years. Each sport requires different types of physical training to become proficient and to improve. I find sport specific training extremely rewarding and love to imagine and create new ways for my clients to exercise, ensuring that certain movements in the gym can lead to better results in real world sport.